I am fascinated by the process of making things, from initial concept to holding the finished object in my hands.

I am a woodturner, I make bowls and hollow forms (vases or pots) using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques.

I use only timbers sourced from local estates, gardens and woodlands. Each source is known to me and has demonstrated a responsible attitude towards management of their timber resource.

All timber coming in is recorded, all products can be traced back to the source.This means that all of my work has provenance, an unbroken chain of custody from tree to finished product.

In terms of design my main focus is on form and simplicity, accentuating what is already in the timber, using whatever techniques and methods necessary to highlight and complement the features given to me by the tree.

I do not work under my own name, I prefer instead to use the makers mark you can see above, this design attempts to represent the nests of bowls I make regularly.


Its not about me, its about the material …..and a lathe called Wanda!