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Right then, a common issue I have noticed is that people, especially tall people, seem to have an issue about holding scrapers and carbide tools flat and level.

All too often you see the elbow drop and then there is a very unpleasant incident usually followed by a lot of very colourful language with the occasional flying piece of wood added in for good measure.

So I thought how can I help with that one and then I thought easy, bubbles!!

So off to the grand eBay bazzar to find and purchase some very cheap plastic bubble levels and some small rare earth magnets which arrived within days. Then simply glue a magnet to one side of the bubble level and, when set, this can simply be put onto the tool to provide an obvious easy to read reference - if the bubble goes up toward the tip of the tool then you are about to have an unhappy experience!

These have been put to use and they seem to help, and that is what was needed!

Pictures are below: