I am a woodturner and I make bowls and hollow forms (vases or pots) using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques.

For the woodturners reading this, yes I use carbide tools when I feel it is appropriate and I refuse to apologise for that!

For the non-woodturners reading this ....you can pretty much ignore that last bit but please note I have most likely just alienated a large proportion of the woodturners reading this information!

I use only timbers sourced from local estates, gardens and woodlands. Each source is known to me, has demonstrated a responsible attitude towards management of their timber resource and provides me with the information I need to go with the timber.

All timber coming in is recorded, all products can be traced back to the source.This means that all of my work has provenance, an unbroken chain of custody from tree to finished product.

I don't use resin, many others do and they produce some really lovely work. But this is not a material I have any experience or empathy with.

In terms of design my main focus is on form and simplicity, accentuating what is already in the timber, using whatever techniques and methods necessary to highlight and complement the features given to me by the tree.

The process is a two way discussion, not a monologue.

Why no artists name?

Its not about me, its about the material …..and a lathe called Wanda!!