I am a woodturner and I make bowls and hollow forms (vases or pots) using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques.

For the woodturners reading this, yes I use carbide tools when I feel it is appropriate and I refuse to apologise for that!

Some things happen by planning, others happen in a random manner and whether by planning or accident one day whilst on a seemingly reasonable, planned outing to acquire a Graduate lathe so I could "turn stuff that was a bit bigger" I met Wanda.

The wood turning community is a family, this page is a way of saying thank you to those family members who have gone above and beyond to help realize this small dream.

The links on this page are to acknowledge the inspiration and ideas that come from other sources.

All of my work is inextricably connected with the environment, most of the materials I use are drawn from it. On a daily basis I am influenced by the environment, the rhythm of the tides, the seasons, the migration of the birds, the storms of winter.

This is a tricky one!

For many years now I have been told that the work should be photographed using "Studio" conditions, plain background with tightly controlled lighting etc etc. As a result of that for many years I had resisted taking photos and putting them online...this sounds really silly but I didn't actually realise why, I just "never got around to it".

We don't do social media, there is no point whatsoever in looking for us on any of the social media platforms as we have chosen simply not to participate in this stuff. Any accounts you see on any platform claiming to be from us are FAKE. 

At Bowlmaker we are fairly particular about the finish we put onto the wood, this does not mean we do not use colour - this is used regularly when it can enhance the timber or works with a particular design requirement.

At Bowlmaker our policy on privacy is pretty simple: