I thought it might be interesting to see just how crazy things get when you have a Wadkin RU and you decide to move house. So just as a taster here are some pictures.

First Clear your workshop of most stuff except the lathe - easy.


Empty Shed

Then take the roof off the workshop ....

wadkin move2

Then hire a large Hiab and lift out the lathe in three sections..

wadkin move1

Get a smaller vehicle and load the lathe sections onto that to be transported to the new location.

wadkin move5

Then just put the roof back on the old workshop and drive the lathe across the country...easy really.

Then all you have to do is sort out the stuff at the new location.....I am sure there must be a medical name for this condition. and probably some sort of treatment involving electric shocks. It's never like this on those "move to the country" television programmes....