cup ring 1These pieces were inspired by exploration of the Cup and Ring marked rocks that exist across this and other regions of the UK, Europe and beyond.

The marks are ancient, coming from around 4-5000 years ago in the UK but are thought to be significantly older in some areas of the world.


The oldest of the marks seem to be located in either India or in “The fertile crescent” - an area covering modern-day Iraq, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan as well as the southeastern fringe of Turkey.

Theories abound as to the meaning of the marks these range from the more simple (a measurement system) to a whole range of ideas which most likely belong in the pages of a fantasy novel.

The simple fact is that we may never actually know what these marks meant but one thing we can be certain of is that they were in some way very significant to the early people that carved them using stone tools and investing significant amounts of time to create these marks.

Today they are largely abandoned and can usually only be located after spending a reasonable amount time wandering around fields and avoiding curious farm livestock.

If you are interested to see them for yourself you can find out more on this website: