At Bowlmaker we are fairly particular about the finish we put onto the wood, this does not mean we do not use colour - this is used regularly when it can enhance the timber or works with a particular design requirement.

Our products are designed to be used or at least designed to encourage handling of the object and as such we will only apply a finish which we know to be safe for the intended use of the product. For example if a surface is intended to come into contact with food e.g. a salad bowl then the finish applied MUST be "food safe" and all other sufaces should either be the same finish or at least one which allows safe handling by adults and children i.e. "toy safe".

All of our finishes are compliant with two standards:

Food safe: this is used where a surface is intended to come directly into contact with your food, in this case the finish must comply with the EN standards.

Toy safe: this is used where a surface is not intended to come directly into contact with your food but will nontheless be in direct contact with your skin and could therefore be a source of irritation. In this case our finish must comply with the EN standards.

All of our finishes comply with these standards and have been tested to prove that they are compliant, other finishes are available and many claims are made about them, however, unless a test certificate is available any claims made are exactly that - claims which are unsupported e.g. "been selling it for 30 years and never had a problem" don't carry much weight and are generally ignored when we select our finishes.

Our product safety is taken very seriously, there is no "grey" area, the rule is "no test, no use" and this approach is supported fully by our finish suppliers. The finishes we use are as follows:

 Chestnut Products   Food Safe Finish 
Microcrystalline Wax