A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.....well actually just a little while back in County Durham an AWGB member workshop happened to take place on May 4th which as I am sure you all know is International Star Wars Day so prepare for some unbelievably bad star wars puns....

So you spend loads of time waiting around to get something, in this case dust extractors for each workstation, and then a whole load of them turn up altogether....

Like most people afflicted with the illness better known as woodturning the Internet and specifically eBay is a major issue, the tools and machinery on display which call out to people afflicted with this illness is sometimes too much to resist....

Right then, a common issue I have noticed is that people, especially tall people, seem to have an issue about holding scrapers and carbide tools flat and level.

So with the arrival of Dusty and being a careful sort of a chap it occurred that it might be a good idea to try to save a bit of wear and tear on bags, filters and the like....

Its funny what just turns up when you least expect it. Dusty, our latest team member arrived without warning this week.

I know, it seems to come round really quickly but its that time of the year again...the interclub competition and open day at Border Woodturners!

Well another day out, this turning lark is just non-stop really.... This time it was making spheres, or you could say balls....but lets not go there!

Just completed an exhibition of work at the Harbour Cottage Gallery in Kirkcudbright...

The much anticipated visit by Mick Hanbury happened last week and even the weather, which has been very unkind recently, decided to be kind to us and allow the workshop to be extended out into the fresh air.

A request came in to make a bowl from a special piece of timber, the timber itself is nothing special being just a small piece of cherry (Prunus spp) but the location it came from is most definitely special.

A bit of a storm passed through earlier this year, named Ophelia and has now given up a little bit of a bonus from a local estate. 

Managed to get hold of some metal storage for the workshop at last, and why is this important? Well, we all have materials in the workshop which represent a fire risk.

So the nice chaps turned up to replace the very battered fence around our village hall, turned out they were also down to rehang the gates on brand new gateposts. True enough one of the posts had seen better days but the other well, lets say that one caught my eye.

Having done a series of exhibitions and then stepped back a little bit one thing became apparent, cash is not something that people carry or particularly want to carry. So card payment is something that needs to be sorted out, it can however seem quite daunting but it isn't.

You know how the story goes, this bloke says "I know where there's loads of them monkey puzzle things..." and a little while later you are driving around muddy gravel tracks thinking..."another wild goose chase" and then suddenly....

Another day, another demo! Back to back demos at the weekend, Saturday was Joey Richardson and Sunday was our old friend Andrew Hall who was demonstrating over at Border Woodturners.

We had been waiting for this one for a while, a chance to see Joey Richardson and get into close proximity to some of her remarkable work.

Things have been a bit frantic so its a brief one this week !

Well that was a bit frantic! Four days of pretty much non-stop visitors from far and wide.

Just a brief update this week, and some shameless self promotion (no change there then!)...

Just taken part in a  two week long exhibition with several other artists and makers from our region, a group known as the Borgue Collective - please no jokes about assimilation!

Well, another Sunday at BWT and another great day! The members and visitors were entertained and educated once again, this time by well known turner Simon Hope.

The Pro-Forme hollowers  from Woodcut have been amongst the most used tools in the workshop but a little something has always been missing. Now we have plugged the gap!

The Barmagachan Nest

So the timber from the Beech tree is being processed (a bowl nest a day) and as a thank you for the timber a nest is being prepared from a specially selected piece of the timber.