Well after using borrowed ones for some time we finally have our own bowl saver, having tried the McNaughton and the Woodcut ones the decision went in favour of the Woodcut.

The older style Woodcut was however ditched in favour of the new Max 3 version.



The images below show the thing almost as it arrived.

phoca thumb l bowl saver 2

I say almost because of course the toolpost fitting had to be re-machined to suit the RU as nothing ever comes in the correct size to fit it, we love it really though.....

The thing is considerably "beefed up" compared to the original and should cope with larger bowls without too much difficulty - the old one kind of ran out of steam at about 14-15 inches on standard bowls and really was not happy at that size when it came to natural edge work.

Well I guess "ran out of steam" is not really fair since the documentation did clearly state what the maximum size bowl should be so I think that the fault lay with me and not the tool.

This one seems like it will do the job but we will report back on progress.

phoca thumb l bowl saver 1