Well after you have reached a new level of crazy by moving the thing you then of course need to sort out a new home for it....
After protracted dithering I arrived at the optimal location and an agreed size for the new home for the Wadkin.


The size agreed upon is 5m by 4m which is large enough for me to get the lathe in along the long side but sadly not long enough to allow me to wind out the bed and use the gap in the bed if I want to turn things over 36 inches in diameter.

Obviously the answer is to simply put an extra door in the 4m side wall so that I can simply open the door and wind the bed out into the garden, as you do...obviously. Can you see how it all seems perfectly reasonable....if you can then I would say you need to seek medical assistance as soon as possible!

But of course before that we need a shed base, so thats a 5m x 4m hole, about say 8-10 inches deep which is a bit much for a shovel really so you hire a mini digger and off you go and you turn your mature garden into a scale model of the Somme like this:

somme 1

The neighbours look on with a mixture of bemusement and horror then ask politely if there is anything they can do to help, at which point your best friend says quietly "No, he's beyond any help you can give him" and goes back into the house.

Waiting for some decent weather to arrive for the concrete but managed to get the shuttering in place and tidied up a bit - well it was Christmas. It now looks a little less like the Somme. Well, in my mind it did anyway.


shed base1