Well the fitting out is now coming to a conclusion so here is how it is looking:

From the door...



inside 1

 The Viceroy (blue lathe) is re-assembled and awaiting a new motor, the SIP mini lathe is proving useful though it is a little limited in terms of what it can cope with.

inside 3

 The bench is in place, its pretty amazing what you can do with a pallet really, the shed was delivered on this pallet so it was a fair size but it has yielded a 3m workbench with odds and ends to spare.

inside 4

Another pallet salvage has given me two tool racks and the cable reel has been salvaged to make a mobile tool rack when added to an old chair base also salvaged from the scrap pile.

The electrician is "getting near to coming" and the heating will be going in ...... as soon as I can work out how to get the multi-fuel stove into the back corner over the RU as the next time that moves will be shortly after I go up the hill to the churchyard and that will not be my problem.

I suspect the engine crane will be in use again shortly.....