A commission came in from a furniture maker to turn 4 oak quadrants for a piece of furniture they had been commissioned to make by a client, these needed to be made from a single glued up blank then split to form the quadrants.


The unusual part of the request was the size, minimum 60mm quadrants meaning a minimum 120mm cyclinder made from four pieces of square stock glued up and turned as one piece, bigger quadrants would be ideal if they could be managed. The minimum quadrant length was given as 660mm

The client supplied two lengths of laminated oak timber which had to be cut to form four lengths, these were glued up in pairs and the pairs then glued together to form a 150mm square which was just over 900mm long - this was pretty heavy!

The ends of the laminated blank were taped with heavy duty tape and two sacrificial pieces of chipboard put onto the ends to stop the centres driving the pieces apart along the glue lines.

Roughing was done with a spindle rouging gouge and the pommels tidied up with a bowl gouge (thanks for that little tip Andrew !), they are not going to be seen on the finished item but ..... you like things to be tidy!

Once round the cylinder was finished with a square carbide cutter tool (Glenn Teagle) with the blank spinning at around about 1800 rpm, yes that is fast for something this size but the RU seemed to just shrug it off and I put a couple of jubilee clips over the ends "just to be sure".

No finish applied and sanded to 180 only as the quadrants are going to be veneered.

Anyway thats it done, hoping to get some pics of the completed furniture so I can see how it came out.