Well you know how you have these ideas about may be one day I would like to one of those things that "so and so" makes, but of course one does not arrive because that all important bit of equipment never gets purchased  - usually because its too expensive and there are other things above it in that huge list of priorities.


Well I had mentioned my "one day" thought to a local mate and a little gift arrived today to plug one of those holes and get me a step closer to doing some sand blasted finishes on some of my turning - ought to save on 60 grit if nothing else !

A friend dropped this off in the workshop.

airmate comp

A SIP 3 HP compressor with a 100 litre reservoir in as new condition, surplus to requirements, one snag a knackered capacitor (£8.99), oh and it needs a 16 amp socket. Good job the electrician hasn't been yet.

Works for me!