In response to a comment I am going to try to include some news/updates on actual projects - either completed or in progress - just to prove that all these toys tools do actually get put to use....


So a request came in for a bowl to mark a special occasion, in this case a passing out parade for the son of some friends who run the local pub .... so clearly an important request!!

Not only was a bowl needed but the bowl was to be turned by the landlord of the pub, who had no experience of turning of any a beginners session to result in a bowl to commemorate a one-off special occasion - no pressure then.

The results of the session are shown in the photos, the bowl is in Sycamore (local of course) and it has a paint effect finish on the outside using the Jo Sonja paints in a method taken directly from the Mick Hanbury shool of paint finishes and effects.

The brass insert was engraved to suit and the bottom of the bowl was cut away to allow it to be viewed from both sides, that's the bit I did and you have no idea how difficult it was to go through the bottom of the bowl intentionally. Yes, before anyone says it I am perfectly capable of doing it unintentionally but if you haven't gone through one then you just haven't been trying hard enough!

At any rate the pics are below and the bowl is now proudly displayed in the local hotel, well done Luke and well done Martin!!