As a change from my usual eBay addiction this week the addiction to tools took me over to another all too often frequented haunt -

the Simon Hope website, yet another haunt of the tool/woodturning afflicted ......


In this case however the trip was absolutely necessary (see how I scrabble around trying to justify it) as Simon had released a rather beefy looking pair of negative rake scrapers...ideal for correcting those little design issues on bowls and given the site name I could hardly miss out on those now ...could I ?

So having them arrive was very exciting, and of course as is always the case when dealing with Simon delivery was prompt...even to the wilds of Scotland ...

As you can see from the photos you have two options, an interior (round) and exterior (slight curve) and of course you do need to have both as you wouldn't want to only finish one surface would you....still justifying.

The cutting heads are removable and the tools are very substantial, this is to dampen any vibration and from my initial use of them it seems to work with no issues.

The tools are easy enough to use either with or without handles, when angled correctly and sharpened they produce a very nice fine shaving and if your material is anywhere near decent you should get a finish that most would be happy with.

On the subject of sharpening the tools come with a little printed leaflet to show you how to get that all important burr, on the whole I use the diamond hone but have found that every once in a while a little touch up on the grinder is needed. In terms of touching up on the grinder you do get a small mandrel so you can take the cutter off and use the mandrel to sharpen it....useful for the round one.

Simon has produced a video which shows how to use them and how to sharpen them, you can view it here:

All in all if you are looking for a couple of scrapers for bowls/hollow forms then these are well worth the cost and will give your work a nice finish and to pinch a phrase from elsewhere "we're worth it".....