Yes, I know....stop looking at eBay!! On this occasion though it was a much needed purchase....honestly it was.....


Living in an area with lots of lovely big trees which become available on a regular basis (you have to love those named storms) an essential bit of kit and of course with large trees you do need a large saw which can take the larger bar see how logical that is, you'd almost think I had rehearsed that in front of a mirror after making the purchase on eBay.

So here we have a Stihl MS660 with bar and chain, "new to us" and ready for work, the saw has plenty of power and will take bar and chain combinations from normal to "ridiculous" and allow us to break down the larger trees which block driveways and roads around here when the storms come. So its not wood hoarding its more of a "public service", I know but you have to try to justify it don't you.

At any rate here are the photos of the "new to us" saw, all I need to do now is get some more bars, chains and a sawmilling attachment (see what I did there).