Been on the lookout for a Vicmarc VM120 Chuck for a good while and to my surprise along came two with a bit of a story attached.....


Those of you who know me will be familiar with the tale of woe surrounding the Oneway Stronghold chuck and will also know that a high priority was replacement of the chuck which had let me down quite badly.

As is widely known my eBay habit is pretty severe so when these chucks came onto the market my alerts went off and at the end of the auction the chucks headed up to sunny Scotland.

So we received a box, almost gave the posty a hernia getting the thing up the drive, in fact he came and asked to use the sack barrow!

In the box is a wide assortment of bits and pieces plus the two chucks, they appear to have 1 1/2 inch by 8 tpi adaptors and in amongst the assorted odds and ends are several sets of jaws....sadly not for the VM120, some jaw carriers (again not VM120) and other bits and bobs.

The story is that the chap selling them was, at one point in time, the son in law of Alan Batty and that these had at some point belonged to him, no idea if this is true or not but the chucks work and will be put to use pretty much as soon as the correct adaptors arrive from the US of A!

Photos are below, and yes, I am seeking help for my eBay habit....and those saved search things are an absolute menace !!