It has been suggested that maybe our slogan should be "Here at lathe rescue we never put a lathe down....."


The latest family member limped through the door yesterday, it arrived in a somewhat sorry state in a wheel barrow and was dumped rather unceremoniously on the workshop floor.

It is a Record Power DML 24x in full working order, though it has to be said that it will take some work to return it to its former "glory". At any rate it was destined for a skip and ..... well you know the rest of the story, she needs some TLC and either a stand or some legs to help but we'll get her back to work.

Will do a follow up to show the finished results but here are the initial images.

Along with the lathe came a very welcome addition in the shape of a Nova chuck, possibly a G3 - not that familiar with Nova chucks so will need to do a bit more digging. Looks like its seen very little use and has two sets of jaws, very handy!

Nova Chuck 1
Nova Chuck 2
Nova Chuck 3