A request came in to make a bowl from a special piece of timber, the timber itself is nothing special being just a small piece of cherry (Prunus spp) but the location it came from is most definitely special.

A once tumble-down local landmark, the castle at Barholm is now fully restored into a family home with views across the Irish Sea that quite literally take the breath away. The small cherry branch arrived with a request to make something a little special with it as it was to be given as a gift.

In the normal sense the branch would not have given much of a bowl so an end-grain approach was taken and the initial form was turned green as a hemisphere using a cut-out card template. The bowl was hollowed out to a uniform thickness of around 5-7mm and then left to dry, surprisingly it has retained a pretty much hemispherical shape but the pretty much inevitable star cracks appeared on the base centred on the pith.

The cracks were filled with Milliput which is a lot less messy than liquid resin and considerably less wasteful, first time we have used this stuff and it certainly will not be the last!

The inside was painted with a dark red chalk paint to give a smooth surface, then sized and covered in 24ct gold leaf, well it is to go in a castle so what else would you use! The gold leaf has been a big hit with everyone who has seen it so that is a technique to explore further on later work.

The shape has been a big hit with everyone who has handled it so it will be repeated.

Pictures are below: