Like most people afflicted with the illness better known as woodturning the Internet and specifically eBay is a major issue, the tools and machinery on display which call out to people afflicted with this illness is sometimes too much to resist....

Well at least thats my excuse!

This time it was a set of Cole or button jaws to fit the Vicmarc chuck which appeared on eBay and were picked up by my saved search, yes I know why do that but as I said I simply can't help it!

So we have now gotten hold of a very nice set of these jaws which look to have had very little use and will be enormously useful for reversing bowls (yes another pathetic attempt to justify the purchase).

They have been sneaked into the workshop and will be passed off later, you know the drill "Oh those, had them for ages".....there must be some kind of treatment for this somewhere.

Here are are the pictures.