Another lucky find has managed to solve another little nagging problem in the workshop. Remember the bench at the back of the shop, well if not read on.


The original bench with its large amount of storage is seen in many photos, this one shows it behind the Wadkin:

phoca thumb m img 20171204 143821318

It was made from the pallet the shed came on and certainly did the job however as any woodturner will tell you that "open front" only means one store the things you want but they will all be covered in a liberal coating of shavings.

So a chance conversation and some perfectly good kitchen units were saved from the skip complete with drawers and a door .... storage without shavings.

The only slight snag was that because my memory is so bad I couldn't remember what was stored where and after a brief but frustrating period we got the label maker out and set to work to make things a bit easier for me.

The old bench is being repurposed into storage for the other shed....oh dear more work.