Apologies for the awful pun but it just had to be done! Our latest team member has arrived and as you can see has been put right to work.


The old Bosch electric chainsaw finally gave up the ghost and the repair costs simply didn't stack up so after some consideration we are happy to welcome our new "roughing gouge" to the team.

The saw is used to prepare blanks for bowls and hollow forms from our supplies of green timber, this cuts down dramatically on the amount of physically demanding work required to get some of the larger pieces into a more balanced shape on the lathe, not to mention making them somewhat lighter to lift!

The saw comes with a 16 inch bar and chain and a powerful electric motor, the initial impression is that it feels solid and well built, the teeth on the body are metal rather than plastic.

The chain tensioning is tool free but for those of us who have dexterity problems the adjusting wheel is a little fiddly and it remains to be seen just how robust it will be in the long term.

It does however seem to have plenty of power and is handling the cutting of beech, sycamore and elm with relative ease.

We will report back in a while as to the longer term performance but for now it seems like a good option.