OK so I am going to admit it, I have a tool problem so when someone said would you be interested in a McNaughton Centre Saver well it was pretty much a done deal.

 The system came from Gary Lowe via Northumbrian Woodturners in a roundabout sort of a way and it has now come to rest with us in the "home for retired lathes".

It is the large system with the 5 pin turret and the large blades, kind of ideal really because of all the large lumps of wood currently stored at the sides and front of the workshop.

Having had an unhappy experience with one of these in the past I will wait to summon up a little courage before I give it a go and will stick to the Max3 as it is currently doing the job on the whole.

So why bother with it?

Aside from the obvious: "It's shiny and I want it" tool addict response, the plan is that I can now core larger blanks (30 inch diameter plus) using this and then switch to the Max3 when I get down to say a 26 inch diameter core....well I did say large blanks.

At any rate it is here safe and sound and will be put to use at some point in the future and, when it is, there will be a more detailed article.