So after lunch with Allan we proceeded to the big lathe and a larger scale version of the type of system we had been looking at, for part one click here


NaJo in actionThe system is broadly similar in set up to the earlier one, in this case the compound slide is from a Myford lathe, in fact if I remember correctly it may actually have been offered by Myford as an exta for the Mystro lathe. In this case the system is being referred to as a NaJo - a play on the name of the owner.

The two axes offered by the compound are then converted to three by the addition of vertical slide, the rotary head is mounted on this and the chuck is held in place using one of the chuck hubs sold by Axminster to allow chuck bodies to be stored wall mounted - for those who have a chuck storage problem. 

In terms of set up and use it is pretty much the same as the JaHo system but in this case everything is just that little bit bigger, oh and of course since its Myford - imperial.

For a test piece in the afternoon we used a piece of Purpleheart about 3 inches in diameter turned to round and mounted into a woodturning chuck and this time aimed for the outside of the piece. The results of a fairly simple pass can be seen as a set of facets around the diameter of the blank, obviously the number of flats can be increased or decreased using the indexing head and to be honest we didnt have that much time so thats pretty much all that got done on that front.

The cutter head is a standard one and as such the range of things which can be made to fit is huge and cutters of different shapes can be used to produce different effects..

Not being satisfied with just the three axes another additon has been made in the shape of an old Emco Unimat lathe, the bed bar as it happened Emco overhead cutterjust fits nicely into the banjo of the Mystro and can then be used in conjunction with the NaJo to give a cutter which is directly overhead - giving yet more possibilities for the already bewildered turner (that would be me).

At any rate we put in a ball shaped cutter of the type usually used in small carving tools and set to work, producing a ring of decorative marks around the workpiece.

Again the options and possibilities here are just staggering and for a little outlay and some slight inconvenience in sourcing the parts those of you with larger lathes can give this a go....though for those of us with ridiculously large lathes the sourcing may prove somewhat more difficult and considerably more expensive, once again life is blighted by an RU!

Anyway if you have any question then contact me or better yet contact Allan !!


NaJo in action 1
NaJo cutter head 3
NaJo general setup 3
NaJo general setup 1
NaJo general setup 4
NaJo general setup 2
NaJo in action 2
NaJo Vertical Slide
NaJo in action 3
NaJo cutter options 1
NaJo cutter options 2
NaJo cutter options 3
NaJo cutter head 1
NaJo and emco 1
NaJo cutter head 2
NaJo and emco 2
NaJo and emco 3
NaJo in action 4
NaJo in action 5
NaJo chuck hub 1
NaJo chuck hub 2