This one took a little while to get to but here it is at last, a follow up to the earlier item on the Sorby Spiralling/Texturing tool we were given.


I managed to get a little time to work on a sycamore blank to test out the texturing tool sent over by Border Woodturners and also to try out some chalk paint I had been given as a possible surface finish.

Initial shapingThe sycamore blank had a 50mm hole drilled into one face to allow me to mount it with tail stock support and turn a large spigot and shape the outer surface of the piece - allowing me to put the stuff I learned from Phil Irons to immediate use! The texturing tool was then used at different angles to create patterns both on the spigot and on the outside wall of the bowl, these were then given a simple border with a point tool. Using the tool near/on centre produces a very attractive flower shape which I suspect is going to feature a lot in my future work!

The piece was reversed and a clean face was cut and sanded to 320 and the chalk paint applied directly to the unsealed surface, while the colour is a bit "peely wally" the painted surface was very good. The surface was then sanded back and recoated four times to give a very smooth clean surface, the area to be removed for the bowl was marked with the point tool.

The texturing tool was then used to cut through the paint and give a texture of a contrasting colour to the paint, a few different angles were tried to give a series of bands on the face of the bowl/platter.

Overall the tool has a lot of possible uses but like all things its going to need a lot more practice and I suspect I may end up generating a set of practice pieces to make sure I can remember how to achieve certain effects.

The chalk paint has proven to be a big hit and is certainly something to use again, once lacquered the surface it gives is very good indeed.

All round we have a winner!