OK so as if the all day demo wasn't enough excitement, the day after was our long awaited training workshop with Emma at our home workshop which made for a more relaxed day.

After the obligatory walk on the beach we were introduced to a range of carving tools and given a broad outline of what each type of tool is used for and what we might or might not want in a basic set of carving tools. 

We were provided with some Lime blanks and let loose to practice some basic techniques under the watchful eye of our tutor Emma, the idea being to simply get a feel for some of the tools and how they work.

Emma took a bit of time to explain about grain direction, something which is familiar from woodturning but carving gives you a different perspective - sort of much more up close and personal in a way. The way the interaction between grain and tools was explained was very good, even I understood it so it must have been clear!

Following on from lunch we were able to move on to selecting an image to give us something to carve using our new found skills and after transferring the image to a new Lime blank I set to work to carve a leaf.

Of course you could always just get some tools and have a go but the presence of an experienced craftsperson who is able to explain is always the best way for me and Emma is most definitely skilled and able to explain the process.

The day was rounded off with a session on sharpening to allow us to leave the workshop with the skills to carry on ourselves and try more carving.

I didn't get my leaf finished but then again I didn't have to, I will now have an excuse to buy yet more tools....as if you need an excuse.