You know what, they just don't make things to last! For example I had a perfectly good sheet sander only 27 years old and it broke...imagine that....shocking....I mean I have t-shirts older than that. Any way this required a replacement to be purchased...


So off I went to the Internet and found one of those new fangled random orbital things. Yes, I know to most people they aren't that new fangled but we live in an out of the way place and we're still not convinced this Internet lark will ever actually catch on.

Anyway the new purchase has arrived and very shiny it looks, of course all of my carefully trimmed rectangular sheets for the old sander will no longer fit so I'll have to trim discs out of all of them then stick hook and loop on them or, as was pointed out, I could just buy discs with hook and loop and use the cut sheets for other things  - where's the fun in that?

At any rate after a first use it seems to be a big improvement on the old one (it has been pointed out that 27 years was a reasonable life span) and the dust filter thing actually seems to work - whatever will they come up with next.

It has been pointed out to me that once the t-shirts which are 27 years old have been located they will be given a decent funeral and properly recycled....that's half of my wardrobe contents gone in one swoop!!

Photos are here: