The headline has once again pulled in the woodturners out there, this is a follow up article to the earlier ones you can find on the site and shows the burrs moving forward to completion.


The real problem with these beautiful (and sometimes ugly) bits of timber is what to do with them, you can remove the decay and end up with small bits of timber with highly figured grain...but where's the fun in that.

Having been walking around fields and hills looking at the ever so enigmatic, and usually hard to find, cup and ring mark rock art I have produced a series of works using some of the burr in all its glory.

The question I am facing now is how to mount them for display, a wall mount has been suggested but why would you not want to see the back. Plastic has been suggested but rejected, I don't have any connection to it as a material so I don't tend to work with it...that's no reflection on anyone else its just my preference.

Instead I am giving some local stone a try, the local stone mason has given me some offcuts and has been able to bore some holes into them to allow me to mount the work on a spigot....seems to work and its a natural material of the place the tree came from...or is that a bit arty?

The Oak seemed to not be suited for the "Cup and Ring Series" so it has taken me down a different path, still seeking to retain the surface textures and show off the "pippy" grain it is now a bowl with a lot of mass and a top slice has given me a platter of epic proportions and loads of character.

Any comments, let me know!

At any rate the photos are below: