It's always sad to see an old friend go but in this case our old friend Cilla has gone to a new home where she will be looked after and give someone a lot of fun.


The CL4 which has helped many newcomers, and more than a few not-so newcomers, in the workshop has left us for pastures new. The move is needed to allow for a shop re-organisation and the arrival of a new team member - but you are going to have to wait for that information!

At any rate if you are looking for a lathe and someone offers you a CL4 then you could do a lot worse, Cilla has been a good solid workhorse and has coped with both beginners, and some of the more demanding tasks I have thrown at her, with very little fuss or drama.

Always quiet, smooth and very easy to live with.

Anyway she went with a full complement of bits and pieces including a chuck and hopefully her new owner will be as happy with her as we have been.