We left our large, wet and heavy lump of cherry at the end of part one having had a haircut and about to become something different!

The idea for a hollow form was obvious, well it was to me anyway! The shape that came to mind was one that had been in my mind for a good long while and was based on a Chinese bronze amphora (a vase that won't stand up!) I had seen in an antique shop.

So I put the beast between centres and then went to  work on it, as you can see from these images it was not exactly round to start with so there was a certain amount of hit and miss turning whilst getting things round. Speeds were initially quite low, yes even the RU has limits!

The orientation was easy to sort out, the "narrow" end naturally making the top of the vessel and the broader end the base. The overall shape was put in place quite rapidly then onto the hollowing but rather stupidly I had started the job in the afternoon.

As the piece was very wet and was very likely to move I put the shape in place wrapped the piece in cling film overnight and then hollowed it out in a single operation and, yes, it did move out of shape whilst I was working on it!

The hollowing was done with a combination of Woodcut ProForme tools and my old faithful Simon Hope hollowing rig, complete with its new camera kit for wall thickness. The thickness is around about 5mm overall and as the hollowing took place several voids opened up in the lower section

So we now have a shaped hollowed vessel and this has been left to dry, after around 4 hours the movement was already quite pronounced so I have high hopes for this one as I quite like it when things warp and twist...or does that say more about me than the wood??

I want to add to the piece, a fairly pointed base, a lid of some kind and a stand - maybe some sort of tripod...not quite sure yet. Photos are below and I will do a third installment when it's finished!