Right then, carrying on from where we left off in the last update we were lucky enough to get a request in to help out a new turner.


A young chap had contacted a local woodturning club and had decided to take things a little further than the beginner sessions and so required a lathe. The budget for this was, of course, as low as possible or if possible free.

As it happens underneath the bench I uncovered a lathe which, to be honest, I had forgotten about entirely - a DML24X by Record Power which arrived in a bucket at around the same time as Skippy (the bandsaw).

So as part of the workshop re-organisation (you are still going to have wait for the reason) and to save me falling over it the little lathe was put to rights, tested and a few odds and ends, which had been identified as not needed, were added to it - amongst them a sharpening jig.

Hopefully it makes up a decent little starter kit and the young chap can get going.

Photos below: