The winter storms always bring down a tree or two and we often leave them until the weather improves until we deal with them.


In this case a Beech (Fagus Sylvatica) came down in a storm after its root system had been undercut by a burn which was running high following a lot of rain. It lay in the corner of the field and was ear marked for cutting up later because, as I was told many years ago: "there's no extra prizes for being wet and cold".

So, whilst taking a walk down this particular track with the dog I came to the spot where the tree had fallen, as I was coming up to it I was thinking "it's about time to nip down with the chainsaw". When I got to the tree both the dog and I were amazed to see the that the old girl was down but certainly not out!

So it looks like the appointment with the chainsaw is deferred for a while and we will let her have a last fling.