Right now I have your attention...we can proceed.


We had another deposit into the wood bank with three very nice burrs being deposited on the workshop floor, all from the same local source  - in fact two of them are from the exact same Elm tree as the other one mentioned here.

The third one is a nice big lump of Oak that is showing some nice "pippy" patterning on the inside and has that familiar craggy burr texture on the outside.

So I think the Elm will be put to use making more pieces in the "Cup and Ring" series and I will make as much effort as possible to retain the impoerfection....its all that Wabi-Sabi stuff again!

The Oak will .....well I want to preserve the exterior colour and texture as much as possible so we'll set that aside and have a think about for a while, it's seldom a good idea to be hasty when dealing with a lump of wood like this.

Here are the pictures, more on the projects later.