Having tried a variety of different ways to reverse bowls (something I do quite a bit - the clue is in the domain name) I decided to give the vacuum chuck method a go.....


Having looked around and tried a few options out I decided to go for the kit from Simon Hope as I had already used the kit at the workshop of Andrew Hall and found it to be easy enough to use and set up....even I can do it so it must be easy!

Before anybody says it, yes you can make your own system but, like most folks these days, time is my most precious resource and to be honest I prefer turning to making things like vacuum chucks...that's my rant over with!

I was not able to find the kit on the website but a quick call to Simon had it sorted and on the way, I purchased everything except the pump as Simon didn't have any in stock and they are readily available elsewhere - Simon as usual was very helpful and gave plenty of advice and support.

The kit arrived the following day and as you can see contains everything needed with the exception of the pump, it is made to fit a hollow spindle (10mm hole) with an M33 thread, you can use the pots without the spindle adaptor and they are 1 1/2 x 6 thread.

All the parts are properly made and a set of instructions was included and it installed on the Vicmarc without any drama... once I worked out how to take off the handwheel and thread adaptor of course - but thats another story.

So its going to be used on the Vicmarc so all I need now is a vacuum pump.....I hear eBay calling me, yes I know but I really have to in this case because if I don't then I would have wasted the money on the kit, or at least thats my defence.

Photos are below and there is a follow up article here showing the arrival of the vacuum pump to go with it...eBay yet again!