It was one of those "Houston, we have a problem" moments really, the mammoth workshop reorganization with all of its associated upheaval and trauma...and then in the midst of it all "Where the heck did that come from?" or words to that effect....more contributions to the swear box.

We all have senior moments but to be honest this one is an absolute classic! I'm moving the cupboard units out of their old location one by one, having taken out all of the drawers and removed the bench top, lift up the cupboard then swing round and "clatter' following that several minutes of some of the most colourful language and the dog excuses itself and leaves the area rapidly.

phoca thumb m sip lathe goingThe offending item turns out to be a SIP variable speed mini lathe which was stored under the cupboard unit...the big question is "where did that come from?" I can honestly say that I have no clue where this came from, how it ended up under the bench or even what I would need it for but there it was lying on the floor playiing dead.

I gave the poor little thing a clean up and plugged it in just to test it and off it went smooth as silk, what to do with this then?? It even had two decent centres and a longworth chuck .... and I still have no idea where it came from and had I not been moving things around it would still be lying there undiscovered....senior moment or what!!

As luck would have it another local turner who had been illl was in need of a mini lathe as the full size lathe was proving a little too much to manage so after a phone call and a brief trip in the boot of a car this little lathe now has a new home and is in daily use!!

I'd call that a result!!