This getting old stuff isn't all its cracked up to be!!

As we get beyond a certain point things change and bits either stop working as well, or in some cases stop working altogether!

So I must confess that there has been a certain amount of getting work finished then taking it indoors to find that it is rejected by quality control for a variety of reasons....the primary one being that my eyes are nowhere near good enough!

So even though the overhead lights in the workshop are OK it was suggested that some "task lighting" might help...a diplomatic way of saying "you're getting old and your eyesight isn't as good any more". This youth thing is wasted on the young!!

On a trip out I managed to arrange a quick stop at Snainton and came away with this very nice little light, it has a magnetic base and really nice bright LED bulbs.

Does it work? 

Well, yes, but perhaps a little too well...ah well best bulk order the 40 grit then.