Yes, yet another truly awful title but in this case it is accurate. We managed to get hold of a reasonably priced vacuum pump, don't think I need to tell you where from......


The Simon Hope vacuum chuck kit has been paired up with an appropriate vacuum pump and it now looks pretty much like we are ready to go!

The kit suppllied by Simon contained all of the bits and pieces needed to get things connected to the pump and of course the whole thing needs to have somewhere to live. Luckily a neighbour was throwing away (how careless) a nice little mobile kitchen storage unit, I believe this came from a well known Scandinavian furniture outlet, this was put to good use and gives the whole thing a nice home on castors.It saves losing those vital components when you put them away somewhere safe.....senior moments, the unexpected gift of advancing years.

I did a trial fit of the vacuum chuck to the Vicmarc and, after a struggle (more senior moments), we have a working vacuum chuck on a Vicmarc VL300 lathe!

I will do another article later on about using it, after I have had a bit of a go and made a few mistakes!