Returning to the "rarer than hens teeth" Vicmarc outboard turning attachment, it has now been fitted to the lathe - at last!


A number of issues surrounded the attachment which is why it took a little while to get round to it but given that I'm sick of moving it and sick of tripping over it now seemed like the opportune moment.

So off I went into the workshop filled with youthful exuberance thinking to myself "Its only four bolts, five minute job", within minutes this lunacy had of course been replaced by a world weary sigh and the thought "Nowt's ever straightforward" - if you're from the South of England you may need to engage a translation service for that phrase. I had looked at the Vicmarc and spotted the ready drilled holes in the stand which at first glance looked like the mounting points...see how easily I was sucked in.....

Our Vicky (a Vicmarc VL300 with mechanical variable speed) is a slightly older lady and has had a "long and colourful" past so having put on my truss and lugged the assembled outboard rest over to her my first thought was "that isn't looking right" - well OK there were a few more words in what I thought but you get the idea.

It turns out that at some point in time someone had added a something or other to the end of the stand which required the drilling of some holes and that these were not in fact the ones needed for the outboard rest. So, after a few more bad words, it was out with the ruler and measure and then the electric drill etc and off we go - of course as luck would have it the holes which had been drilled were then "in the way".

In addition it turns out that "keep hold of those nuts, bolts and washers they'll come in handy at some point" was, of course, very sage advice as without that random collection of stuff I wouldn't have had the needed hardware so,  yes Dad , you were right always really.

At any rate with a bit of effort and twenty quid in the swear box the thing is now fitted, at a guess I'd say it doubles the weight of the lathe so it'll make it more stable when turning out of balance items.

So all I have to do now is to find a suitable project to test it out, seems like I'll need some more wood....see, there's always a silver lining!!

The pictures of it in place are below: