Some of you may remember the arrival of a couple of VM120 chucks plus assorted odds and ends, the delivery driver certainly will as he's probably still wearing the truss!!

Well following all of the re-organisation and so forth I came across, or more correctly fell over, the box of assorted odds and ends that came with the chucks again. After some head scratching and trying various options it appears that the "odds and ends" mostly have nothing to do with the VM120 chucks and that, whilst they could be filed in the "that might come in handy" box, they would be best off somewhere they might stand a chance of being used.

So after a brief conversation and emailing some photos down to Andrew Hall I am pleased to say they have migrated to his "that might come in handy box" and are likely to be used or if not handed on to a suitable home. More importantly they are now unlikely to cause another trip hazard in my workspace and will mean that I make fewer contributions to the swear box on the bench in the workshop!!