As many of you will know I have been looking for a way to package up the things I make and sell. It seems a little silly to see things headed off in bubble wrap and all sorts of other stuff.

So I looked at all manner of options, the most obvious being boxes. However what I make is really not "standard" in terms of its size. So off the shelf boxes in cardboard or ply (MDF is not an option) whilst they are relatively cheap would not work because I can't use a "one size fits all" solution of that type.

Having worked that out I took a look at custom made boxes, that option is only something that I will be taking as and when the lottery winnings arrive....which may be some time as I don't buy tickets.

The remaining option is/was to make the packaging myself, I wanted something that is sturdy, reusable and preferably made from wood or a timber based product that was not MDF. The obvious choice (at least obvious to me) was plywood, so the next question was construction: "How do I make them?"

Like everyone I have a critical shortage of one resource, Time. I want the boxes to be sturdy so I felt that comb or box jointed edges with a rebate for a base and a sliding lid would be good. So something to shorten the construction time was going to be essential then I remembered seeing a workshop gizmo demonstrated at a show of some sort...a quick look through the archive of show guides, woodworking magazines and old tool catalogues led me to ...... "The Woodrat".

Great I thought, having watched the videos, this is the one I remembered...then I found the price....way beyond the piggy bank limitations so off to my favourite place (eBay) but this time I came up empty...further afield on the Internet I did however come up with the very item. A used Woodrat located in the borders, a quick call to a mate over in the Borders (thank you Martin) and it was all arranged, with a drop off planned!

So here it is and all I have to do now is get it set up and then figure out how to use it....hmmm I wonder if it is as easy as it looks in those videos.....we are about to find out!

Oh, it has already been christened...."Woody"...what else would you expect!!