So, this is the way things ended up after all of the upheaval plus the diva incident with Vicky - lets not dwell on that one though!

The arrival of the Stubby has meant a shift around for the Vicmarc and of course one of our number (the RU) does take up quite a lot of space. The addition of the outboard turning attachment onto the Vicmarc meant that room was needed to ensure that it was actually usable....though of course I'm not actually sure I would use it given that anything approaching that size would actually be most likely to end up on the RU...but lets not go there.

As it stands everything is reasonably accessible and all of the machines are able to be used easily and I have actually gotten rid of two lathes...admittedly I didn't realise I had one of them but I am still going to claim that as a success! Provided I don't acquire anything else the workshop reorganisation should be done for a good while....Oh, a saved search alert from eBay has just dropped into my inbox, now I wonder if I could fit that into the space by the stove...