Well having gotten rid of a couple of lathes, I now had room to move things around. So how, exactly, do you move a Wadkin RU? I mean it is kind of large and very heavy....

Well it turns out that the answer to that question is "With a blinking big pry bar". The overall aim was to release the Vicmarc from its position in the rear corner of the workshop as it was difficult to get to and simply wasn't getting the use that it should have been getting.

So all that was required was to move the Vicmarc and all of the cupboards from behind the RU, having to empty them first of course, and then just move the RU back towards the wall by about a metre or so - and across by about half a metre. So not much of a challenge then.

The local gunsmith was approached (don't ask) and duly produced a pry bar of truly massive proportions and I set about proving that with a big enough lever you could move the whole world...in this case about 2 metres long and about 2 inches in diameter.

The heavy lifting being completed all that remained, following several days bed rest and industrial strength painkillers, was to put the puzzle back together. I didn't get it right first time but it's a work in progress and the Vicmarc is now accessible and we are having much more fun together!

I rediscovered a whole bunch of vital stuff that hadn't seen the light of day for several years which resulted in some very happy folks who were glad to receive sundry odds and ends - not even one trip to the tip needed!

The main reason for all of this clear out and re-organisation is about to become clear!!