Well you know how you have these ideas about may be one day I would like to one of those things that "so and so" makes, but of course one does not arrive because that all important bit of equipment never gets purchased  - usually because its too expensive and there are other things above it in that huge list of priorities.

Well the SIP mini lathe has proven to have some "reliability issues" and given its size it has pretty serious limitations when it comes to which projects can and can not be done on it.

So when an opportunity presented itself and a replacement was high on the list of priorities - a very big list indeed - we went for it!

Well the fitting out is now coming to a conclusion so here is how it is looking:

From the door...


Oh my goodness!

Well, to continue the story.

The farmer arrived with the largest telehandler in the area and we moved the monster into place on the concrete slab, he got it over the wall and onto the slab - just.

Well, the concrete is in and has been wrapped up in a blanket and put to bed, three cubic metres all barrowed from the front of the house to the back. These photos just about sum it up.


Well after you have reached a new level of crazy by moving the thing you then of course need to sort out a new home for it....
After protracted dithering I arrived at the optimal location and an agreed size for the new home for the Wadkin.

I thought it might be interesting to see just how crazy things get when you have a Wadkin RU and you decide to move house. So just as a taster here are some pictures.

First Clear your workshop of most stuff except the lathe - easy.