• All of my work is inextricably connected with the environment, most of the materials I use are drawn from it. On a daily basis I am influenced by the environment, the rhythm of the tides, the seasons, the migration of the birds, the storms of winter. All of these things and much more gives me a deep rooted connection to the environment, all of these things shape me and the work that I produce as they have done for so many others that have been part of this "Terroir" before me.   This connection is what drives me and what gives much of what I do a context, without this context  both the work and I would simply be adrift.

  • We take a great deal of care in obtaining the wood we use. All timber comes from local sources, our most "distant" supplier is a little over 20 miles away. All timber comes from "known" suppliers, this means we actually know the person. We have met with them and established a real working relationship - no schemes or government approvals. All timber is harvested and the details are recorded ... accurately. This means that all wooden products are traceable ....back to the tree stump. This information is provided on the page along with the other product information. The serial number of your product allows us to trace it back and provide you with the details of it's source.
  • This is a tricky one! For many years now I have been told that the work should be photographed using "Studio" conditions, plain background with tightly controlled lighting etc etc. As a result of that for many years I had resisted taking photos and putting them online...this sounds really silly but I didn't actually realise why, I just "never got around to it".  READ MORE

  • At Bowlmaker we are fairly particular about the finish we put onto the wood, this does not mean we do not use colour - this is used regularly when it can enhance the timber or works with a particular design requirement. Our products are designed to be used or at least designed to encourage handling of the object and as such we will only apply a finish which we know to be safe for the intended use of the product. For example if a surface is intended to come into contact with food e.g. a salad bowl then the finish applied MUST be "food safe" and all other sufaces should either be the same finish or at least one which allows safe handling by adults and children i.e. "toy safe".